2 Requests

1. I get a lot of really funny and/or clever comments sent to my e-mail. These are not questions or anything that requires a response from me, but are comments based on posts I’ve written or sparked by something someone else said in their e-mail or comment. PLEASE, please, consider posting these on this site in the comments trail, rather than sending them to me. I think others would like to read them too.

[Thanks, Beulah, for sharing the info on carpal tunnel relief in the comments trail. That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. While not directly related to writing or publishing, many authors suffer from this affliction and I bet I’m not the only one starting a B6/flax regimen.]

2. Someone suggested I talk about publishing contracts. And I’d be happy to, but that’s a HUGE area to cover. What about contracts are you most interested in? What do you want to know?

Author: LDS Publisher

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