Trivia Provides Marketing Hooks

This is National Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. I am not kidding. I’m just ticked that I didn’t know about it on day one, because I would have milked this for all it’s worth. Tomorrow morning I’m going to show up at work and if there aren’t flowers and a huge box of chocolates on my desk, someone is going to get an earful!

(Okay, I don’t really expect flowers and chocolates. And I won’t even be working in the office tomorrow. But it would be nice to hear from some of my authors this month, thanking me for the hard work I’ve done/am doing in their behalf. It’s always nice to be appreciated.)

(That was a thinly veiled hint for all you published authors out there to send a card or e-mail to your editor! Doesn’t have to be a big deal. This is one of those things where the sentiment is more important than the delivery.)

But back to my topic. Although in most cases I think these national days, weeks and months are rather silly, they do provide marketing hooks for your books. If you are a published author—or about to be published—or even wanting to be published, check out the various national celebrations. Which ones would provide a marketing hook for your message?

For example, if you have a non-fiction self-improvement book, September is Self-Improvement Month. If you have a parenting book, October is Commune with Your Kid Month.

Does your murder mystery have someone dying from licking poisonous stamps? January is National Stamp Collector’s Month. Is your main character an eccentric little old lady who likes to snoop on her neighbors and wears garishly decorated straw hats? April is Straw Hat Month.

Okay, some of these are lame. But you get the idea.

Assignment for today: Google national celebrations. (I’m not providing links because I want you to hone your research skills.) Find three national celebrations that you could use as an excuse to showcase your book and post them in the comments trail. Then let your publisher know. Or if you’re still submitting and the publisher asks for marketing ideas, well, here you go.

BTW, does anyone know when the National Post Trivia on Your Blog Site Day is?

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3 thoughts on “Trivia Provides Marketing Hooks”

  1. Well, I hope you got your flowers and box of chocolates.

    For the September contest I received “The Dating Deal,” by Melanie Marks, and I wanted to thank you for it. I’ve already read it.

    I’m also using the advice given during the contest and on your site to strengthen my writing.

    So, for National Be Kind to Editors month, I am sending you my thanks. Thank you! T. Lynn

  2. Thank you for your thanks. And you’re welcome for the book. I like to support LDS fiction in any way that I can.

    I didn’t get flowers and chocolates, but I did get an e-card the day after I posted this, so that was nice.

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