Sending Multiple Submissions to a Publisher

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A non-LDS publisher only accepts submissions during one month of the year. Is it acceptable to send them more than one manuscript? You’ve stated before that we should only submit one manuscript at a time to a specific publisher, but since this publisher only accepts during one month would it be acceptable to submit 2 different types of manuscripts?

Prolific Writer

The trouble with sending more than one submission to a company at the same time is that even if they like all of them, they are only going to publish one. They will pick one they like best, publish it, see how it sells–then want to see something new from you. If they’ve already seen the something new, it’s going to feel old because it’s been bouncing around in their subconcious for a year or more.

I strongly suggest you send only one manuscript, and send your best. If they like your writing, but the content doesn’t hit the mark for them, they will ask if you have something else and give you some guidelines for what they’re looking for. Then you can send something more tailored to what they’re looking for.

Question for you: Which company only accepts manuscripts one month out of the year? It seems I’ve heard something about that before, but I just can’t bring it to mind.

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  1. Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publishing only accepts manuscripts during the month of November.

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