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After reading a comment from FHL, I’ve googled everything I can think of to find a page-a-day writing prompt calendar. I’ve come up empty handed. Hmmm…maybe I should publish one.

Let me know if anyone finds one. E-mail the URL address to me and I’ll post it for everyone.

I was talking to a colleague about this. We both think it’s an incredibly good idea. So FHL, and others, if someone were to create a writing prompt calendar with a prompt a day, which format would you prefer:

1. Traditional hang on the wall, month at a glance calendar, with a new prompt in each square. (There would be no room for writing appointments.)

2. A table top one day at a time calendar, like the vocabulary building ones (click on the “click for other item views” link under the image; then click on “Back Cover Image”)

3. A day planner type bound calendar, with a writing prompt at the top instead of a quote.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Calendar”

  1. I’d prefer option #2. I’m keeping a writing journal and I could either tape the page into it, or write notes on the back of the page. (Plus, they’re handy for little scribblings by the computer!)

  2. One day at a time, dear LdSP. That’s the perfect calendar format for the way I write–one day at a time.

  3. My sister gave me a great “thought a day” as a gift once – several sayings on different color paper, cut into strips and put in a jar. The lid was decorated, and the jar was clear, so all the vibrant colors showed through. It was great, I loved opening it every day to something positive. What a great gift for a writer – to do something like that only as a daily prompt! Then, heaven forbid, you didn’t get a chance to write that day – your prompt would be patiently waiting for you the next time you opened the jar.

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