Thanksgiving Wishes

Today is my last work day this week. I’m taking an extra personal day to spend time with family, so I won’t be posting again until Monday. I thought I’d support the season by listing a few things I’m thankful for, in connection to the LDS publishing industry.

Despite its weaknesses and shortcoming and politics, I am thankful to work in an industry which at its core is dedicated to building the kingdom of God. Not many people can say that. And although few of us will ever get rich by creating and selling LDS books and products, I am grateful that I can feed my family by helping others. I would shrivel up and die if I had to spend my days making widgets.

I am so thankful that I’m in an industry where I can call my competition my friends. Most of us are not cut-throat, back-stabbing, get-ahead-at-others’-expense types of people. We genuinely care about others and are happy to help each other succeed. A lot of us believe that there is room for each of us in this industry. That we don’t have to be better than everyone to succeed. We just need to produce good products that we believe in and bring them to the table. I’ve passed good manuscripts to other publishers and they’ve passed them to me. We look out for each other and help each other, for the most part.

I am thankful to be surrounded by good people who are striving to create solid books that will help, entertain and uplift others. It’s sad when I have to reject a manuscript because I can see how earnest and sincere the author is. And I’m glad for that sadness because it reminds me how many good people there are in this world.

I am thankful to be in an industry where we pray over what we do. Authors pray over their words. Publishers pray over their products. Booksellers pray over their stores. That much prayer has to be doing good things.

Yes, I know that we are not the “Industry of Enoch” yet. There is strife and contention and backbiting and gossiping and cut-throat business dealings happening in the LDS publishing industry all the time. There are those who will take advantage of the weaknesses and ignorance of others. Unfortunately, I suppose there will always be that element–even in a gospel-centered industry. But compared to the other non-LDS publishing industries I’ve worked in, this one is like a little bit of heaven on earth.

And I am thankful to be part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.