5 Things Jeff Savage Wants to Know About Me

I got tagged over on Six LDS Writers and A Frog. I think Jeff is trying to trip me up so that I’ll accidentally reveal myself in this exercise. But I’m betting I can come up with 5 absolutely honest and truly revealing things about me that no one knows without giving myself away. Let’s see…

1. I have about 47 log-in name and password combinations that I use online. I never can remember which ones I’ve used at which place, so it takes me almost 5 minutes to log in everywhere. Which may explain why I feel like I never get anything done.

2. My secret wish is to be strong enough to hit a man in the face and make him cry. Nothing against men in general, I’ve just never been very strong and most men laugh hysterically when I hit them.

3. I currently have 29 novels in progress, some of which I’ve been working on for over 27 years.

4. When I’m bored, I plan what I would do differently if I suddenly had $350 million tax-free dollars. I justify this by saying I am creating it spiritually, so that it can someday be created physically. Also that if I come up with a good enough plan, God might actually give it to me.

5. I absolutely hate these tagging games (and chain letters, and dish towel clubs, and recipe games) and I refuse to tag anyone. So this leg of the game stops here. Sorry. But if you’d really like to participate, you can list your 5 Things in the Comments.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Jeff Savage Wants to Know About Me”

  1. Rats! My fiendish plot almost worked. So now I have to know two things. Why exactly $350 million? And what is a dishtowel club.

    It sounds like something we would have done in 3rd grade. “Okay, you can join the DT club, but first you have to let each of us hit you with a rattail dishtowel.

    Okay three questions. Any early word on hos the DB/Covenant deal will affect the smaller LDS pubs? Have they told you anything?

    And I won’t even start in with what kind of things recipe games bring to mind.

  2. 1. $350 million–years ago, that was what Oprah was worth and it seemed like a nice round number.

    2. Dish Towel–Mail a dish towel to the top 5 people on the list, delete the name at the top, add yours to the bottom, send it out to 5 friends…

    3. Recipe Game–same concept as #2.

    4. DV/Cov–They don’t tell us anything in private that they haven’t released publicly. Too early to tell how the DB/Covenant deal will effect us small potatoes. When you’re competing with a giant, what difference does it make if he’s 15 feet tall or 17? It may make no difference at all; it may make all the difference in the world. Just have to wait and see. But until otherwise notified, it’s business as usual in my part of the world.

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