What You’ve Taught Me

Question from comments trail:
So what have you learned from us? And what thought processes have you changed because of our posts? Just wondering….

Among other things, I’ve learned that I really need to speed up my response time to your submissions. I am not so hung up on whether or not I get a SASE. The company has changed our preference from paper submission to electronic submission. We’ve reworded our ROFR clause, limiting it by time, quantity, and genre. I take more time explaining our contract to new authors. I read further before rejecting. When I’m rejecting for reasons other than quality of writing and/or appropriateness of content, I try to make that clear so the author understands it’s nothing to do with them. I try to think more deeply about my posts here and when I respond to a particularly idiotic question or comment (not yours), I imagine that I’m answering someone I care about, like my mother, and I try not to be too much of a snotty smarty pants.

Author: LDS Publisher

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