Might as well finish the week on the same theme:

Don’t you think a fancy font would get noticed more than that boring Times New Roman or Courier? And, what about a few drawings, too? I’m a pretty good artist.


Because all editors are stuffy, stodgy, opinionated bores.

We want to make our own pictures.

And we don’t really like Courier either.

Author: LDS Publisher

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4 thoughts on “Fonts”

  1. Can I enclose a video or DVD of my family and friends telling you what a wonderful writer I am? I can set it to music that my brother wrote.

  2. Anonymous,

    Maybe you can do some really sweet dance moves, too. I bet you’d really make an impression with that!

    Rebecca Talley

  3. maybe it can be summed up that if you find yourself needing to get REALLY creative in how you submit, that WHAT you submit might be lacking and you’re trying to compensate 🙂

  4. Oh, Josie! I was trying to be polite but you are right on.

    The writing should sell itself. If it doesn’t, then it really doesn’t matter how you wrap it up.

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