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Is there a directory available that lists publishers and editors with their home phone numbers? I’d really like to call a few and ask them why they rejected my manuscript.

Thank you so much.

Yes. It’s 1-800-I’ll never publish your book in a million years!

Although the person who sent this question intended it to be humorous, it’s really not that funny when I get the call. (Yes, I get those calls. Usually when I’ve just dozed off for my Saturday afternoon nap.)

With all the resources available these days, it’s not too hard to track down a publisher’s personal info. Don’t do it! I guarantee, they will not admire your tenacity and gumption. Anything else you send them in the future will be an automatic pass. And they’ll probably gossip about you to their publisher friends.

[And it’s not just writers who do this. A million years ago, in a city far, far away, I was a drama critic for the local paper. I gave a show a moderate review, but pointed out several things that were sub-par in the performance. The director called me up and chewed me out–several times. From then on, I always wrote with a pen name. It’s also one of the reasons why this blog is anonymous. I can’t handle conflict. I buckle under criticism. I…well, fine. I just don’t want the aggravation.]

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3 thoughts on “Publishers Directories”

  1. I’ve found that it works better to just drop by her house. Pretend you have a flat tire and need to use a phone. When she answers the door, say, “Oh my gosh. I had no idea you lived here. What a small world.”

    Then proceed to tell her dising your manuscript was the biggest mistake of her life. But be sure to wear LOTS of perfume. And bring some confetti. Agents and editors LOVE that kind of thing.

    You won’t even need to bring a SASE.

  2. Um, yeah, Jeff. Moving on . . .

    People should never call you at home! That’s just wrong. If they must call you, surely they could call you at your office.

    Anonymity is a good thing. In fact, I’m going to publish this anonymously just to show my support.

  3. Jeff, that’s funny. Coincidentally, the same drama review where the director called and bawled me out, the main actor (who I’d said good things about) CAME BY MY HOUSE and brought me flowers. The flowers were nice, but the home visit was a little unnerving.

    And Anonymous, thanks for the support. I think the worse call I ever got was around 10:30 p.m. on a Sunday night to see if I’d be willing to read their manuscript by Tuesday and give them advice so they could make changes before they officially submitted it to me later in the week. (I am not lying.)

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