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Spring Creek announced it no longer accepts fiction submissions and will only consider nonfiction. Millennial Press also only accepts nonfiction. Statistics seem to favor nonfiction publication over fiction. Do you think the LDS fiction market will continue to grow and new writers still have a chance at publication or do you think the nonfiction market is pushing out the fiction?

Non-fiction sells better than fiction. By a long shot. If you’re a small publisher, like Spring Creek and Millennial and several others, you have to make every penny count.

If you publish in the traditional way, you’re looking at an investment of $8,000—10,000 per title, or more. If your fiction titles aren’t selling fast enough, then your resources get tied up in inventory. If enough of your resources get bogged down in slow moving traffic, then you go out of business. It’s not always a question of what we would prefer to publish, it’s what we can afford to publish.

Having said that, YES, I think the LDS fiction market will continue to grow. The larger publishers seem committed to producing LDS fiction.

And YES, new writers have every chance in the world. Write a good book. It will get noticed.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

2 thoughts on “LDS Fiction Market”

  1. Spring Creek still accepts fiction submissions. We have however cut back on the amount of fiction we publish, which will make it harder to be accepted. We will probably only publish 3 novels this year.

    (And now you have proof that other publishers read your blog. You do a great job!)

  2. I received a rejection letter from Spring Creek saying it will no longer accept fiction and at the Storymakers Conference we were told the same thing, so there might be a lot of confusion about what Sprng Creek does and does not accept.

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