June Contest

I have the attention span of a flea and I’m easily bored…You know what that means. Time for a new contest.

Over on Pub Rants this week (June 4-8), she’s been talking about promotional things that authors do for their books. Some of the things her authors have done are great ideas. (I loved the alligator and the youtube examples.)

So this is the contest: Pick a book and develop a promo idea for it. It needs to be your book (existing, in the works or on a back burner) OR public domain (pre-1923). I need the title of the book, a short synopsis or teaser paragraph and ONE promo idea. You can enter multiple titles but only one promo per title. Be creative. If you have images of your book cover, promotional items, or links to websites/blogs, send those as part of the promo.

We’ll have a Reader’s Choice and Publisher’s Choice, both of which will win a cheesy prize. (Last month’s cheesy prizes were stickers and free promotional bookmarks that I swiped from my local LDS bookstore.) And I might throw in a few other categories, if the response warrants it.

E-mail submissions between now and June 30th. I will post them as they arrive. Voting will be July 1-7. I’ll post the winners the following week.

Author: LDS Publisher

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