Promo Contest Entry #5

Title: All The Colors of Blue

Teaser: Angela Baker is an artist that doesn’t paint, living in Salt Lake City – a place she doesn’t want to be. She hasn’t been to Astoria, Oregon since she was 18 and has no intentions of changing that, but when old family friends invite her for a visit in the middle of August — she can’t resist. When she finds out the family has a handsome son she’d never met, life takes an interesting turn. Things become complicated when he turns up missing, linked to drug trafficking in a private school and her simple summer vacation turns upside down as she wonders if any of them are going to come out of it alive. Interesting…

Promo Idea: I’m thinking a key chain with the Astoria Column, or one that has something representing Seaside or Astoria in a memorable way. A kind of cheesy touristy item that will get the person thinking of Oregon and how beautiful it is there, and wanting to read about it.
Like the concept, but this is another one that is not financially feasible–unless you can think of a way to run a contest from it. But at that, I’m not sure a key chain would be enough of a motivator to get people to participate in the contest. What about a digital camera? I could cough up enough for an inexpensive digital as a prize–IF you had a way to really get people excited about the contest, like if you had an e-mail list of 1,000 or were getting a lot of hits on a website/blog. What would we have them do to try to win it?

The key chain idea would work at LDSBA–give one out to all the book buyers who visit the booth during your signing. In fact, that’s a really good idea. Maybe I’ll do something like that this year…

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