Scare-Your-Pants-Off #8

The rain raps against the cracked glass of my window like sharp and bony knuckles pounding the top of my skull. It’s getting darker earlier, and even when my clock tells me it is daylight outside, the sun refuses me like a faithless lover, hiding herself behind a grim gray sky. The cold seeks me through the cracks and knotholes. But the living things have fled. Even the rats and spiders eschew me—perhaps sensing the cold inside, perhaps understanding I would crush them in my bare hands without the slightest remorse.

In another few days, children will arrive, laughing and playing—hiding their true selves behind masks and costumes. But I won’t be here. I feel the shadow growing within me—filling me with a black, relentless hunger. Would that I could pull it off like a mask; throw it away like a costume. But I have finally come to realize the thing growing inside me again like a dark tumor is not an alien usurper but my true self unfolding. Soon I will begin to feed, to give myself over to the rage that burns my tongue and lips with a sanctifying fire. This time I won’t stop. This time I know where you are. I am coming for you. My love.

Author: LDS Publisher

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7 thoughts on “Scare-Your-Pants-Off #8”

  1. Excellent mood and metaphors! Definitely a creepy beginning.

    (No votes until it’s time, though.)

  2. Absolutely my favorite! I don’t know if it’s precisely scary, but it is creepy and very well-written.

    1 vote for me, please.

  3. Fantastic imagery. Love your first sentence. I wasn’t particularly creeped out by this, but it definitely set the mood for creepy things to come.

    It was a little abrupt, bringing in the last three sentences. I’d like to know that he/she(?) was speaking to someone specific a little earlier on.

    But again, I love the imagery and the way you use your words.

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