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What are the criteria publishers use in determining which books will be recorded as audiobooks? Who chooses the voice talent, and is there any chance of a first timer having their audiobook “read by the author?” Thanks for your helpful blog.

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It varies depending on the publisher. Covenant records a lot of their books on audio. Other publishers, not as much. A lot of the time it’s based on sales. If a book sells really, really, really well, most publishers will consider an audio version.

The publisher chooses the voice talent. If you have done voice recordings before, there’s a possibility they will let you do your own but it’s unlikely.

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    I’ve heard that more and more publishers are opting to go with a dual release – making the printed version of a publication available at the same time as the audiobook version.

    There are projections of 24,000 audiobooks being recorded in the next four years.

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