Summer Story Contest Voting Rules

Voting Rules:

VOTE between May 12th and May 16th.

There will be four winners: Readers Choice (Published authors), Readers Choice (Unpublished authors), Publisher’s Choice (Published authors), and Publisher’s Choice (Unpublished authors).

Publisher’s Choice winners will be chosen based on quality of writing and uniqueness of story. You can vote by whatever criteria you want, just don’t make it a popularity contest.

You MAY vote for yourself.

You may vote twice in each category: Published and Unpublished.

Click HERE to read all stories by Published Authors. Vote for two.

Click HERE to read all stories by Unpublished Authors. Vote for two.

You may only vote a particular story once. We’re on the honor system here.

You may make all the comments you like, but VOTING COMMENTS must clearly indicate that it is a vote. (Ex: I’m voting for this one…)

I’ll announce the winners on Monday, May 19th.

[P.S. Voting and other comments on the stories will also enter you in the Monthly Comment Contest.]

Author: LDS Publisher

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