2008 LDS Booksellers Convention

I’ll be posting photos from the convention this week. If you attended and would like to send me your photos and/or comments about the convention, please feel free to do so.

The convention was interesting this year. Smaller than previous years. There were about equal numbers of vendors and bookstore buyers represented. I have some concerns and maybe I’ll talk about them later, but I see more difficulties ahead for the independent publishers and bookstores unless something is done soon. Rising costs and diminishing access to the consumer are the problem. I heard several people talking about solutions. Hopefully some of these solutions will move from the talking phase into action in the near future.

But, in the meantime, here’s what I saw at the convention this year:

Even Deseret Book seemed affected by the lower attendance this year. Usually they have author signings at every corner, with long lines of book buyers waiting to get their hands on the new releases. Lines weren’t that long this year.

There did seem to be some excitement generated by J. Scott Savage and his book, Farworld: Water Keep. These photos were sent to me by Sandra, who actually TOUCHED a real copy of the book (to be officially released next month).

Karlene, J. Scott Savage, Sandra
Karlene and Sandra both reviewed
Farworld: Water Keep on their blogs.

Here’s a photo to prove that Sandra and Karlene
actually touched one of the real books.

Here is the FarWorld map.

More photos tomorrow. Authors, Publishers: If you have photos of your booth or your book signing at LDSBA, send them to me with commentary and I’ll post them.

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3 thoughts on “2008 LDS Booksellers Convention”

  1. I am really looking forward to reading Farworld. I’m number one on hold for the library and if I like it I’ll get it for my son for Christmas. I’m happy to see Deseret Book willing to publish books for the national market. Books like Fablehaven and Leven Thumps are great because I know there are books that are fun for my children to read and also lack the stuff I’d prefer for them to not read.

  2. Those illustrations are gorgeous!

    Yes, please, share your thoughts on the ideas you heard at the conference. You know we’ll all be waiting . . .

  3. I would really like to know what you have to say regarding the independent publishers and bookstores.

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