Break for LDS Booksellers

Hey, folks. Not sure I’ll be able to post this week due to the LDS Booksellers event. But I promise I’ll take lots of photos again and post them here next week.

In the meantime, keep up the discussion. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Break for LDS Booksellers”

  1. I am going to find you at booksellers. I’ve collected all the clues. I have voice recognition technology. I’ve analyzed your writing patterns and compared them to every registered editor at booksellers. While everyone else is busy window shopping, I’ll be hunting you.

    See you later this week in Sandy.

    Go ahead. Post an answer. Its just one more piece of evidence for the unveiling.


  2. Yeah, I’m starting to think Ly’s persona is as big a mystery as LDSP’s.

    Makes me wish I had a secret persona too . . . it looks like fun.

  3. Hm, Tristi, maybe you are on to something there. Maybe they are one and the same. Something for all of us to ponder, no?

  4. Ly isn’t such a mystery, are you Ly?
    Don’t worry, your secret identity is safe with me 🙂

  5. Rebecca Talley is now taunting me, too. Or is it Tal-LY?

    I’m going to think about this. Then I’m going to start asking lots of questions. And if that doesn’t work, I’m going to start offering people free books for clues.

    You’re in trouble, Ly. These people will do anything for free books.

  6. Melanie:

    Look what you’ve started. First off, you’ve got Jenie lying online. Her reputation is in serious trouble. She thinks she knows the identity of Ly? I don’t think so jennie, but I really do appreciate the offer of confidentiality. It so warms my soul (and if you really do know, keep it on the down low. Just you and me sister…and of course Rebecca Talley).

    And speaking of Miss Colorado R Tally. Makes you wonder about the last two letters of her surname, doesn’t it?

    I’ve also decided to use a little trick I learned from Bourne Ultimatum’s David Webb to smoke out the identit of LDSP. I’m tape recording all the voices of the editors attending the LDS Bookseller’s convention this week. You know. Walking from display to display and asking unassuming questions like, “Anyone here seen the LDS Publisher lately?” I’ve also got a T shirt that says “I Heart LDSP.” The editor who asks me a dumb question like, “What does LDSP mean” has gotta me LDSP. Right?

    I plan on running all the tape recorded voices through a voice recognition scanner. Whichever one opens the safe in my hotel room has got to be LDSP. Right?

    I’m getting closer.

    See you LDSP at booksellers. And if you want to find me, try 4:00 pm on Wednesday. I’ll be in light blue and tan. Ball point pen in the right hand. Bulky digital watch on the left. Black shoes. No glasses. A butterfly scar under the right eye—gotten trying to save the world.


  7. You sLY dog, you. Of course, the last two letters of my last name are EY, not LY, but then again I’m not sure that matters, eh?

  8. What matters is that no man (or woman) knows my history. SilLy girl, Rebecca. Signing in as yourself and giving us the sLy dog quote and then writing this email to divert attention from your Talliness. I’m getting dizzy just keeping track. You are very good.


  9. And Melanie:

    I noticed that you live in Huntington Beach. I was just there for over a week. We stayed in the Comfort Inn on Beach Blvd. right across the street from the Pavillion Grocery Store, across from Marie Calendars, next to a Jack in the Box and about ten minutes from the Ocean.

    Small world?


  10. Yep, Ly.

    That means you were about five minutes from me. You’re trying to taunt me with how close I came to unmasking you, right? Like when Bourne calls his boss from inside his own office? Grr.

    And Rebecca, I think the -ey at the end of your last name is part of the genius, intended to throw us off track.

    I’ve got my snoop shoes on now.

  11. Ly,
    Your question to Melanie about it being a small world, brought to mind something someone said to me once (or was it a comment on a blog? hmm) anyway:

    “The world is large enough to get lost and small enough to find yourself…usually.”

  12. And another thing:

    Will LDSP be upset when she comes back next week and finds that the only Keeping up of the discussion was this goofy talk about Ly’s identity, I mean sheesh. Don’t we have more mature publishing things to talk about like, say, vampies and LDS authors?

    Melanie, you should be ashamed…


  13. Melanie:

    I was in your office. Did you notice I moved the stapler? And, of course, your top ten list of stupid things that make people snicker?


  14. Ly,

    I’m less impressed that you got into my office and more impressed that you found the stapler.

    And no disrespect to LDSP, but even if she does disapprove, aren’t you going to “neutralize” that situation anyway?

    Run, LDSP, run! I know you can do it!

  15. Yes, LY is one big sneak–LY (or should I say LEY)can sneak in and out of all sorts of buildings, LY can even color your milk green if you aren’t watching closeLY (but that only happens around St. Patty’s Day, right LY?).

    This is way more fun than debating whether or not LDS fiction is a genre term :).

  16. Ah the green St. Patty’s Day milk thing. And I thought that went out of style with James Bond and Astro Boy. Some things never die.

    I would have to say, Rebecca, that you clearly do not know who I am. Where did that green milk think come from, anyway?


  17. Well, LY, perhaps you’re right. Maybe, I thought you were someone else. I’ll have to think on it while I go outside and play some soccer with my kids.

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