LDSBA—Small Independent Publishers

Here are some of the small independent publishers at the convention. There were most likely some that I missed. If your company/publisher was at the convention but is not featured here, please send photo and info.

Archive Publishers

This company does not accept manuscripts for publication.
They specialize in reprinting rare and out of print LDS books and books for
LDS home schooling. They have a new “Faith Promoting” series that’s doing well.

Gibbs Smith Publisher

I’ve always thought of Gibbs Smith as the cookbook publisher—the ones that do
the 101 Things to Do With…Whatever series. But they’re changing their image.
Their website is much more impressive than before. They have books on
architecture, gardening, scrapbooking, photography, and many, many more topics.
I was quite impressed when I visited their website.

Greg Kofford Books

Greg Kofford is another reprinter of rare and out-of-print LDS books,
but they also publish other books. Their website says they are
“publishers & purveyors of fine books relating to Mormonism.”
It’s unclear whether they will look at fiction, but they don’t have any
listed in their releases. However, they do have a page that says
they’re looking for illustrators for children’s books, so maybe they’re
moving into that area.
(G.K.—please feel free to correct, update or amend my info here.)

Leatherwood Press

This is one of the few independent publishers that seem to be growing
and expanding. They publish a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles (over 200),
and say they are committed to “the development of new authors.”
They also have a national imprint, Silverleaf Press.

Millennial Press

Millennial no longer publishes fiction; they focus on nonfiction and LDS
doctrinal titles. Their “Setting the Record Straight” series is selling very well—
these are titles that deal with specific areas of Mormonism, such as
Blacks and the Priesthood, and Mormons and Polygamy.
Each book is written by an expert in the area and they are very easy to read
and understand. Millennial also distributes the Know Your Religion books.

Signature publishes a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books,
but are mostly known for their Utah historical and regional titles.
They also do reprints of older, out-of-print books, particularly
those with historical LDS significance.

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  1. Thanks for doing these roundup posts from LDSBA. You’ve highlighted some publishers that I didn’t know about and reminded me of some that I had forgotten about.

    I worry though that you may have outed yourself with all the photo taking. ;-P

  2. Ooo, ooo! There’s my book cover! Just above that man’s right shoulder in the Leatherwood Press booth. Cool!!! 🙂

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