LDSPs Summer Book Trek Wrap-Up Post

I’ve finished my reading for the Summer Book Trek and here is my wrap-up post. (Details on wrapping up here.) I thought I was going to read these books. But instead, I read these:

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Farworld by J. Scott Savage

Surprise Packages by Lael Littke, Carroll Morris, Nancy Anderson

Angel Falling Softly by Eugene Woodbury (I read this on vacation. Will post thoughts soon.)

I’ve started Traitor and will also read Freefall, but not before the end of the Trek.

Now to answer the wrap-up questions:

1. How many fiction books by LDS authors did you read? Four (that I’m willing to admit to here; I actually read 12 but if I disclose the full list, LY will be able to discern my true identity.)

2. Did you read more than you would have read if you hadn’t participated in this book trek? Yes. I read more LDS fiction and did not read much national fiction.

3. Did the reviews posted by other participants influence which titles you read? How? Yes. I read Surprise Packages because of several good reviews. I also read Angel Falling Softly because of the “buzz.”

4. Did the Whitney awards influence which titles you read? How? No, because I’d already read all of 2007 nominees and winners. But had I not read them, they would have shaped my list.

5. Did the many, many virtual blog tours that happened this summer influence which titles you read? How? Yes. I read Farworld (and a few undisclosed others) because of the blog tours.

6. Did you finish all the books you had planned to read? If not, why? No. Others took precedence.

7. Did you discover any new authors whom you now love? Yes. A few national writers that I didn’t realize were LDS.

8. Did you nominate any of the books you read for Whitney awards? Not yet. I’m waiting till the end of the year to do it.

9. Would you be interested in another LDS themed reading challenge either this winter, or next summer? Yes. This was fun.

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6 thoughts on “LDSPs Summer Book Trek Wrap-Up Post”

  1. Great wrap-up and answers (even if I *would* like to know all 12 just to see who you are :D).

    As a member of the Whitney committee, the earlier we get nominations, the easier it is for us to get through all the books we need to in time. A rush at the end of the year would be difficult. So no need to wait. Nominate now!

  2. Dear LDSP:

    Don’t demure on my account. I already have your list of twelve books you’re not sharing with the rest of the cyber world.

    I have my minions everywhere. Including your rather small, windowless home office. Did you notice I left you a note? Its taped to the back of the computer monitor.

    You might as well share. I know who you are, but alas, I am going to be gracious, hospitable, nay, even discrete.

    So how do you want me to announce? Your choose. The Ensign? General Conference? (Really don’t want to wait until October). Or the Deseret News Message Board? Which is it?

    And in other heart breaking news, I’m really glad you’re back. I missed you. I checked everyday you were gone just to see when the vacation was over. You took three extra unpaid vacation days. You stinker. While the rest of us were toiling away, you were tanning.


  3. PS:

    Sadly I don’t read, which means no trek for me. Its a genetic defect called writing. Who has time for anything else?


  4. Glad to see you’re back–hope you had a nice vacation.

    I think you should post your list of 12–I’m sure LY will be honorable and not check the list, right, LY?

  5. What? I've already go the list. If this doesn't tell us everything we want (and don't want) to know about LDSP, I'm not sure what will. Here's the list of the dumbest books every writte which I pilfered right out from under her nose:

    10. Serve It Forth
    9. Down and Out in Paris and London
    8. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
    7. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
    6. The Sea
    5. 44 Scotland Street
    4. The Year of Magical Thinking
    3. Girl, 20
    2. Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures
    1. The Van

    Good reading to you all,


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