Should I donate my royalty to my publisher?

I enjoy your blog lots and lots. Thank you for taking the time! (you’re welcome)

Wondering: with the economy apparently tanking, what do you think is the future of LDS publishing, especially the small publishers?

In the interest of full disclosure I must admit I currently write for one of the smaller outfits (and love them dearly). Should I offer to forego my (tiny) royalty check in a show of solidarity? It always seems publishers are operating on such a shoestring anyway that tighter budgets could squeeze the life right out of them. Yikes for all of us! Your thoughts?

What?!!? Are you nuts???? If a publishing company can’t afford to pay its royalties, it needs to close its doors. Never, never, never offer to forego your royalty.

As to the economy and what it will do to the LDS publishing industry—same thing it will do/is doing everywhere else. Yes, some publishers will go out of business—some already have, others are teetering on the brink. Other publishers will weather the storm and come out the other side.

IMHO, companies, like individuals, should follow the counsel of our prophets. Get out of debt, save for a rainy day, live/publish within your means. That may mean that fewer books are published for the duration and/or that newer authors may have an even harder time breaking into the market—just like unemployed workers are having a harder time finding a good job right now.

But don’t give up. Books are still being published. New authors are still being accepted. Make sure that what you submit is your very, very best work.

And always, always collect your royalties.

Author: LDS Publisher

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3 thoughts on “Should I donate my royalty to my publisher?”

  1. Of course give it back. Its your socialist duty. Spread the wealth. And while you’re busy spreading, tell your publisher to apply for their rightful portion of the 700 billion bailout.

    Senator Hatch’s phone number: 801-handout.

  2. LOL! Woolley’s hilarious! 🙂

    LDSP – IMHO your IMHO is right on. I am confident we will get through this slow and difficult time. In the meantime (and always) we should follow the prophet’s counsel and do our best to live within our means.

    We’ve still tried to keep a small monthly book budget. It’s definitely shrunk and may take two months to save for a book rather than splurging on one or more each month – but thank goodness for libraries! I’ll just keep a list of books to buy when times are better. 🙂

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