No, I’m not dead

But thank you to all of you kind souls who e-mailed to ask that question.

Things are juggling about at work again and I’m trying to decide if I want to switch companies, switch jobs/responsibilities within my current company, go part-time or just retire altogether.

Contemplating the future takes a lot of time and energy, which is why I still haven’t commented on all the Christmas stories yet (but I plan to, eventually).

That’s also why I haven’t updated the monthly sponsors yet. Since we’re well into the month, I’m going to shift all the sponsors out a month. So if you were scheduled to sponsor in January, you will now sponsor in February, and so on. If that’s a problem, send me an e-mail.

I think the LDS Fiction blog for 2008 is almost up to date. If there are any last minute additions, let me know ASAP because I’ll be doing a “by-the-numbers” post for that blog later this week.

Lastly, are Steve Alten and/or Elizabeth Haydon LDS? I’ve been told that they are and also that they aren’t. Does anyone know, for sure?

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11 thoughts on “No, I’m not dead”

  1. Hi–I just want to know to whom I should mail a copy of my book–was there a winner of that in December? Also, how does one get their book featured on the LDS Fiction blog? Thanks!

  2. making plans for change always takes so much time! (kindof ironic, if you think about it. We use up the present to plan for the future, which will inevitably change once we get there anyways. lol) My family is doing the same right now. Changing homes… buying house… furthering education? ect. Weeks in planning and still no solid picture. Best of luck.

  3. Shhhh, David. I suppose now you’re going to tell everyone about my secret identity as LY. I can’t trust you with any secrets.

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