Pressing Industry Issues!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posting so that we may discuss an extremely important and pressing issue in the LDS publishing industry.

My new avatar.

Okay, okay. Maybe this isn’t a pressing issue to the entire LDS publishing industry, but it is to me. Please keep reading. There are prizes involved.

It has been drawn to my attention that with the redesign of the site(s), I need to upgrade my avatar. (Scroll down a bit, right hand sidebar under “About Me”) Words like silly and out-dated and downright hideous have been thrown at me concerning my existing one. So, I’m bowing to peer pressure.

I’ve narrowed it down to the ones below. When you picture me in your mind’s eye, what do I look like?

Avatar #1

Avatar #2

Avatar #3

Please vote in the comments section. Embellish with why you think I look like a particular avatar and I will choose someone from the comments to win a prize.

(I don’t want to say what the prize is because it’s a surprise, but trust me, it will be way cool!)

Voting ends Friday, February 27, 2009.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

33 thoughts on “Pressing Industry Issues!”

  1. I like avatar #3. It’s different from the usual assortment of images you see on the web.

    The gray hair also implies wisdom and experience. Psychologically, it’s a powerful image.

  2. Well, I was almost swayed to #3 by the above comment, but my gut instinct is to go with Avatar #1. I think it radiates youth and vitality. I like the big eyes (“All the better to read your questions with, my dear!”) and the upraised finger, which could be taken as a symbol for “I’m number one!” which you definitely are for me.

  3. I agree with Melanie. #3 implies you’re old and might not be up with the current market trends. (As much as we all love Grandma.)

    #1 is hip, sassy, thoughtful, and smart. It gets my vote.

  4. I vote for #1. Those glasses are awesome. Cute and fun picture–good for your fun and entertaining blog.

  5. At the risk of sounding like a total follower, I’m voting for #1 as well. While I like #3 as well, I just don’t think you’re that old–and why age ourselves? In fact, I think you purposely put that one in to throw us off of your true identity. Sneaky.

  6. I’m going to vote for #2. Just the right balance of wisdom and spunk. It’s the kind of image the I get in my head when I read your posts.

    The gal in #1 is cute, but she looks a bit devious. Maybe it’s the shifty eyes…

  7. My vote is for avatar #1.

    It seems to fit your personality well. It also radiates confidence.

  8. #2: She’s been around the block enough to know the territory, she’s confident, and she’s got attitude.

  9. Introducing your new LDS Publisher- #2! She’s the girl you can trust. She knows her stuff and is approachable. She’s current with what’s going on in the publishing world and she’s happy to help.

  10. .

    #2 is about how I’ve imagined you, but I think the arguments for #3 are good. Except in a rapidly changing industry, you might not want to seem too old. I’m in love with #1 but I think she’s too young to represent the site well. So #2 is really the perfect compromise between up-on-change and experience.

  11. I’m going with #2. Are those slippers she’s wearing? Slippers and a cute pink laptop – it just screams LDSP. Cute, smart, and cozy. What more could you ask for in a guru?

  12. I don’t like any of them. #1 looks like a teenage airhead. #2 looks devious and unprofessional. #3 looks like an “advice to the love-lorn” stereotype. I have a higher opinion of you than any of those potential avatars portray.

  13. I vote for #2. She looks so knowledgeable, yet comfortable and distinguished. I would definitely want her as an editor and mentor.

  14. I guess it depends on what look YOU are going for. I agree with Jennie – I don’t love any of them, but I do think the old avatar is horrendous. Sorry 🙁 I guess from the tone of your blog, I would go with #2.

  15. I say Avatar #2. My reasoning is this: You have a lot of information and knowledge, which makes you wise, which makes you seem older. You also used a phrase like “way cool”, which makes you seem younger.

    So I would go with #2, because one looks too young to be as knowledgeable, but three makes you look like you are old.

  16. I'm voting for avatar #2. Here's why – I think you are funny, witty, and the queen of publishing knowledge. Now #1 – she's fun and witty, but I don't see any maturity and knowledge in her. But #3 – she WAY to mature. I definitely DO NOT picture you with gray hair. No way, Jose.

    But #2 has this great balance of wit, fun, & wisdom. And as a bonus – her laptop is pink. How awesome is that?

    So yes, I definitely vote for #2.

  17. I vote #2. Slippers, pink laptop, overstuffed chair. The only thing missing is a sidetable full of books and a red pen for marking up manuscripts.

  18. I pick the second one. She’s got a lot of polish and looks experienced but still like she’s hip and in the know. And that means I’m probably neither hip nor in the know because I actually used the phrases hip and in the know. Also, I don’t think avatar #1would know more than me. But then again, I have humility issues.

  19. In my head I picture you as #1. She looks cute and intelligent, and the glasses are so hip. I’m glad your updating the pic the old one was. . . well it was old. Makes me want one. . .

  20. I think you look like #1. Cute and hip, a little sassy!:) That is my first choice. I love your blog by the way. I visit all the time, and you always keep it updated, and have such fun giveaways! Anyway, my vote is for #1!:)

  21. I think #1 fits how I picture you much better than the others: on the ball, clever, in the know, and sharp-witted.

    #2 reminds me too much of me when I haven’t put forth the effort to be professional, and #3 reminds me too much of someone’s mother–well-meaning, but not entirely up on everything.

  22. I think #1 looks the most like you–longer hair, cool glasses, smart, witty, and funny. Yep, I vote for #1.

  23. I think #1. She’s my favorite for the reasons everyone else mentioned, (who liked #1). 😉

    Jennie Hansen, you’re awesome. I love you!

  24. I vote for #2. She looks professional, wise and approachable. In my mind, those are the words that describe this blog.

  25. My first instinct was #1: looks smart, busy, in the know with a finger raised saying, “Taffy is the winner!” :)lol

    #2 is cute too but I vote that one for me because I usually sit on the couch with my slippers on typing away on my laptop.

  26. I love #1, because I see you as a sassy, no-nonsense woman, but caring, too, as evidenced by the heart on the computer.

  27. I would say definitely Avatar #1… it brings out the tone that comes through in your writing. And it seems to be having the most fun … ;^)

  28. I vote for #3, it looks wise, and inspires belief. I would totally accept and believe writing, blogs, musings and information from this one! We are too skewed to young and hip, its the older, wiser, experienced ones I will follow

  29. The avitar selections tell you more about the commentor than they do about LDSP. Looks like most of your readers/commentors want to be thought of as hip, sassy, and cutting edge. What else would you expect from an internet saavy audience? I mean, how many of our wiser, experienced editors, writers, and publishers spend time online in the blogosphere when they know that the real work is happening elsewhere?

    Is that how you picture yourself LDSP? Hip? Sassy? Cutting edge?

    I work with youth everyday. All day. Heck, I’m one of them, but I say go with the attribute pop culture rejects. Hidden behind the book cover of gray hair is the judgement of the ages.

    Choose #3. Choose wisdom.

    Job 28:28

  30. I vote for #1–the glasses make her look intellectual and on top of things.


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