Mormon Writers in the YA Market

Article: Faith and Good Works, printed in the Boston Globe, March 1, 2009

I thought this was a great article, speaking to the fact that the YA market has been flooded with good LDS authors. I think it’s great that we’re getting some notice. Go take a read.

Who are some of your favorite LDS authors in the Young Adult market?

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6 thoughts on “Mormon Writers in the YA Market”

  1. This list is pretty long and growing. My kids love the Alcatraz books (and anything else) by Brandon Sanderson. We all love Jessica Day George’s books, and of course James Dashner, J. Scott Savage, and Brandon Mull. I think the competition for the Whitney award in the Youth Fiction category is the toughest one this year. They all deserve to win.

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    Unrelated: This is much easier to read! Did you change anything or is it just that I’m reading you at home and not at work?

  3. Th., my guess would be that it is because you are reading it at home. I have the same problem. The server at work has a block for certain things on the internet- pictures being one of them. For some reason there are some blog backgrounds that the server reads as a picture and they are blocked making it impossible to read them. If I want to try and guess where the post is, I can highlight it and then change the font color on my computer and then read. Or just wait until I get home.

  4. Shannon Hale is a definite favorite. I also like Mette Ivie Harrison and James A. Owen.

  5. Sorrry if this is unrelated to this topic. I sent an e-mail to LDS Publisher about 4 days ago and have not yet gotten a response. If you could e-mail me at I have a ghostwriting question. Thanks.

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