Electronic Submissions: The Wave of the Future

I’m curious… Do you think LDS publishers will eventually convert to electronic submissions / equeries? In order to save trees and all of that jazz? It’s becoming increasingly common in the non-LDS publishing world, but it sounds like LDS publishers are resisting.

Here’s the thing with electronic submissions:

1. Viruses. I’ve had my computer go totally brain dead because someone sent a submission via email and it had a virus in it. It costs me time and money to fix that. Yes, I have virus detectors, multiple ones, in fact. But there’s always the chance that something will get through.

2. Eye strain. It is harder to read on computer. I can’t tell you how often I end my day with a killer headache caused by reading on the computer. This is less of an issue if you have a Kindle (and I do; and all editors and publishers should get one). I can convert Word files to Kindle files, which are much, much easier on the eyes. But it is still easiest of all to read black type on white paper.

That said, e-files are more portable, won’t break your desk no matter how many you stack on there, and if you happen to be reading outside, the wind can’t blow them away.

Personally, I think electronic queries and submissions are the way to go. As older editors retire and are replaced by younger, computer savvy editors, you’ll see more and more houses accepting e-files.

Author: LDS Publisher

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