Writing Prompt Friday

[If you hate writing prompts, don’t come visit me on Fridays.]

I’m done with Fatuous Friday. Bored, now.

Here’s a new feature that I will continue until I get bored with it—Writing Prompt Friday.

Each Friday, I’ll post a writing prompt. Why? To help encourage writing. Writing prompts can be very useful for the following reasons:

  • Prime the Pump—to get you warmed up for a writing session or to help break through writer’s block.
  • Practice—like any skill, it’s important to practice writing creatively. Prompts can help your brain stretch a bit.
  • Drills—like practicing the piano, but you’re writing instead
  • Habit—to get you in the habit of writing regularly. Even if you’re not working on a current project, it helps to write a bit every day.
  • New Skills—sometimes a prompt causes you to develop a new skill or to look at a different style of writing. That’s always good.
  • Fun—do I really need to define this?
  • Low Stress—because no one cares, a prompt is low stress writing.
  • Promise—sometimes a prompt will start you on the road to a new novel. It’s like heaven when that happens.

Okay, so enough justification. Here’s today’s prompt, stolen from Writer’s Digest.com (Stolen because after wasting so much time on yesterday’s post, I now have to hurry to get to my “day job”.)

You’re a pizza delivery driver and it’s your last stop of the night. The house is on an unlit, unfamiliar street. As you ring the doorbell, you’re greeted by an unusual character who invites you in while he gets cash—and abruptly knocks you out cold. When you wake up, you’re tied to a chair. What happens next?

Limit your response to 500 words or fewer.

If you participate in this prompt, leave a comment and let us know how it went. If you post your response to this prompt on your blog, leave the link in your comment.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Friday”

  1. A splash of bone chilling water is thrown over you. The sickening smell of chloroform still nips at your collar.

    "You gonna tell me where my daughter is punk?"

    "Your daughter? What are you talking about?" you say, trying to understand the man in the dark standing before you, empty pail in hand.

    Is that a gun in his waistband?

    "You, Armand Tamzarian, running away with my daughter to join that cult!" he shouts.

    "I'm not Armand Tamzarian, he is the other pizza delivery man," you tell him.

    The ropes tying you to the chair are burning at your exposed flesh now that a hint of warmth is returning after the shower of icy water.

    "Really?" he says, scrathing his chin.

    "Yeah, he took the night off. I’m covering his route," you explain.

    "Sorry. You're not gonna tell the cops about this are you?"

  2. Jokes on him though cuz you really are Armand Tamzarian and you have his daughter back at the compound.
    Dun Dun DUNNNN!

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