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[Thank you to those who’ve sent photos for me to post! I couldn’t find my camera.]

There were a total of 85 vendors at the LDSBA Convention this year; less than 20% were publishers or distributors of books. The rest were what we call sidelines—art, candy, food storage, t-shirts, ties, games, rings, scripture totes, and all that other stuff you can find at your local LDS bookstore.

So let’s start with Art. These are just a few of the art vendors who were there.

Altus Fine Art is best known for Simon Dewey’s artwork but they also represent B. Laura Wilson, Walter Rane, Joseph Brickey, and Lynde Mott, among others. They had a nice L-shaped booth and their display was wonderful.
Greg Olsen Art had a nice booth too. Loved those columns.

Here are a few other art booths. I’m not sure which companies they represent. If someone wants to let me know, I’ll post names and links.

Golden Street Artworks features the work of Scott T. Peterson. He has a really cute calendar (both a 2010 and a generic 2 year calendar), posters, greeting cards, stickers and a bank.

I didn’t get a photo of their booth, but I was very impressed with them last year and was happy to see them back again.

A new art company (new to me) is Sculpture Grove. They have a 12″x10″ solid cast bust of Joseph Smith. It was really attractive and detailed.

If anyone has pictures of these booths, send them to me.

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  1. I don't know who those other art dealers are, but I recognize the paintings in a couple of the shots of Jon McNaughton because I bought some of them. I love his stuff.
    especially 'Awaiting the Command'and 'Every Tongue Confess'

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