Time for the Stories!

LDSP’s 2009 Christmas Story Contest

Prize: Publication in a Christmas collection that will be published and ready for sale in October.

The stories will start posting in just a few minutes. I have them scheduled to post four per day, a few hours apart. If we get more submissions in, I may need to post a bunch on Friday and Saturday.

Just a quick review of some very important points:

  • SUBMIT your story any time between NOW and Saturday, August 15, 2009. Yes, there’s still time, if you hurry. Details HERE.
  • If you submit more than one story, I’ll split them up to post on separate days, if possible.
  • Please tell your friends that you’ve submitted a story and to come reade and vote, but DO NOT tell them which story is yours. We want the stories to win on merit, not personal popularity.
  • We will have Reader Voting for the best stories, as we have done in previous contests. The winners are guaranteed a spot in the book. Voting will take place August 16–22nd. I will post voting rules then. You may comment any time your like, but voting doesn’t count until the 16th.

Author: LDS Publisher

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