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Item #1:
The good part: Thank you to everyone who is now following me on Twitter. I try to go to my Twitter account at least once a week and follow everyone who is following me. I’m way new to this and am finding it kind of fun.

The bad part: None of you are following me closely. I know this because I twitted a book giveaway with specific instructions and no one entered to win the book. And here I thought I had tens of followers who hung on my every word. I’m crushed.

The future part: I’ll give a book away like this every once in awhile. In the future, however, I’ll give you a full week to enter to win the book. So give the Tweets a quick check every so often.

The Christmas book. Behind schedule. I’m hoping to have it available soon. Please be patient.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

14 thoughts on “Some Blog Business”

  1. *Cheese alert!*

    I've found Twitter to be a bit like spaghetti: it's fun to tie in with 'oodles of friends though their thoughts can be quite saucy!

  2. Crotchety Old Geezerette* Alert:

    I dunno; I must be an old fogie in both brain and body, because I can't understand the point of Twitter. It reminds me of those mini M&M's that were so tiny you could hardly taste them unless you dumped half a package into your mouth at once.

    *Geezerette is the feminine form of geezer.

  3. Twitter goes too fast. If you're only logging in once a week, chances are that nobody saw them at all.

    Twitter is like a bit cocktail party. You're there for the conversation of the moment, not to do a post-mortem on something that happened yesterday.

    You have to treat the conversation as if it were verbal, under fun, friendly circumstances, and just as fleeting.

  4. Moriah, I'm starting to get that. The more followers I get the harder it is for me to keep up.

    I like your analogy. That makes sense to me.

  5. I find I usually make a meal using spaghetti sauce right after I've cleaned the kitchen!

  6. I'd like to say that I did/do follow your tweets to see what you've been/you are reading (which I'm sorry to say has not been my book-sniff).

    I find it very difficult to keep up with all the tweets and think it's easier to use Facebook. But then I'm always behind on everything.

  7. Or you could just drop by, say hi, and deliver your book in person. But that wouldn't increase the number of hits on your page, now would it.

    I think I'd like to go back to 1949. That was a very good year. Black and white TV was all the rage. And there was no Facebook.

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