Writing Prompt Friday: Let’s Practice Swearing

Since swearing, or rather, not swearing was a hot topic recently (see HERE and HERE), let’s practice creating a sense of swearing without actually doing it.

Here are the specs:

  • Set up a scene/situation, with a character(s) who would swear.
  • Do not use actual swear words.
  • It must be believable.
  • Keep it short, 250 words or less.

If you’re brave, post your scene on your blog (leave a link in the comments section) or in the comments below. (If you’re not brave, you can comment anonymously.)

Anon has volunteered to give free feedback.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Friday: Let’s Practice Swearing”

  1. This is cheating, because I wrote this for something else the other day:

    Growing up around ostrich farmers, I’d learned a wide variety of colorful curses, but this fellow added several new ones to my collection.

  2. When Mark and Gary opened their car doors, Jeff pulled up in front of Mark’s car, blocking his way. “Hey, what’s the matter, slick. You chicken to race me or something?” Jeff shoved his car door open and stormed over to Mark. “So, what do you think you’re doing hanging around my chick’s house, eh?”

    Mark balled his fists. He wanted nothing more than to beat Jeff to a pulp right now. “None of your business, Hick.”

    “Hey, I’m making it my business! You best stay away from my chick. Capisce–you get it? Better yet, why don’t you go play on the bridge or something?” He and Bobby laughed.

    Mark drew his arm back to swing at Jeff. He wanted to tear Jeff apart, but Gary grabbed his arm. “Come on. Let’s just go. It’s not worth fighting over.”

    “Ooh! Getting touchy now, are we?” Jeff laughed again. “Come on, Chicken,” he swore. “You want to fight, or are you gonna go home and cry to your mommy? At least I’m man enough to join the Army when I get out of school. You gonna chicken out like your pinko cousin?”

    Shaking, ready to tear Jeff apart, Mark opened his car door and slid behind the wheel without answering.

    Jeff and Bobby laughed and flashed obscene gestures as Mark backed out and drove around Jeff’s car.

    How could Genie go out with someone like that, he wondered.

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