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Hey all knowing one, is there a way to find book clubs? I’m thinking of trying to market my book that way.

Uhmmm. Well, you could submit it to Oprah. That woman single-handedly started the book club phenomena. But since this is her last season for her show, I’m guessing she’s already got most of the books chosen for that. Also, she’s sort of picky.

But if Oprah’s not interested, you might try some local talk shows. Some of them interview authors. If your book has a timely social message or you’ve got a humanitarian tie-in, they’re more likely to spotlight you.

There’s an LDS womens online book club, but I can’t remember the name of it. If any readers know what it is—or you know of another website or blog that specializes in book club books, please post links in comments.

Then there’s word of mouth—book clubs are always asking each other for ideas. And you can contact your local library and ask them to put your book on their book club suggestion list. If your publisher discounts group orders, that’s also a good incentive. You can talk about it on your website or blog, with a link or code for the discount.

Another way to help get it noticed by book clubbers is to put a short list of discussion questions for book clubs at the end of the book (if your publisher is receptive to this idea). I’ve seen this pop up in several titles lately.

Readers, other ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Book Clubs”

  1. When looking for books for our book clubs we always try to look for books that wouldn't exclude any age group. (something that would appeal to the youth in the club as well as the senior citizens) A book cover that is aimed at a particular age group would deter us from picking it up.

  2. There is a wonderful website/blog called The Mother Daughter Book Club with reviews, interviews, and book lists for moms and daughters and grandmothers, too.

    These clubs are becoming very popular and since my new book has such a strong mother/daughter theme I created a book club guide for it. It's a free PDF available for printing off my website. I think the book clubs exploding around the country are wonderful since they are helping folks read and talk about and get excited about books.

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