Semi-colons in Fiction

How do you feel about the use of semi-colons in fiction, and how and when do you think they should be used?

I like semi-colons. They work better in literary, historical or more serious and formal fiction than they do in, say, Middle Grade, YA or very trendy fiction.

Like all punctuation, they should be used when the situation calls for them, not just for show.

CLICK HERE for some great, easy-to-understand rules for using a semi-colon.

Author: LDS Publisher

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5 thoughts on “Semi-colons in Fiction”

  1. That little piece of hybridized punctuation sure comes in handy sometimes, though I hesitate to use it. It draws attention to itself and has somewhat of an (underserved, in my view) reputation as being archaic. When I see one while reading I think, "Look at that! A semi-colon. The author is cool." And then I have to get back into the story.

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