Hold on…

We’re going to have a book cover contest again. It is spread out over several posts. Wait about 20 minutes for all of them to go live, then read the instructions and vote away!

You’ll know it’s done when the post titled “2010 Book Cover Contest” posts.

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5 thoughts on “Hold on…”

  1. *sigh*

    I have nothing against the book cover contest, but I really wish you'd use your precious time and energy to do the comments on the stories in both the Book of Mormon and the Christmas contests.

  2. .

    Ah. I smell an anonymous comment….

    I do think that fun eyeball-attracting things like the contest matter and are important though.

  3. Well. I was going to do the Christmas stories over Christmas, but then I realized IT WAS A HOLIDAY! I've started on them and actually posted comments on the first four — and I will do a few each day until they're done.

    As for the Book of Mormon stories, I openly admit I dropped the ball on that one. Sorry. As I've said before, either continue to be patient or consider your story released to seek publication elsewhere. If it's gone when/if I want it, my loss.

  4. Yay, you've done some comments on the Christmas stories! Can't wait until you get to mine. 🙂

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