Beyond Foo by Obert Skye

Title: Beyond Foo

Author: Obert Skye

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: May 9, 2011

ISBN: 978-1609080501

Size: 224 pages, 5×7, hardback

Genre: Young Adult

Book one in a new unFOOgettable trilogy!

Geth has existed for hundreds of years. In Foo, the realm that allows us to hope, imagine, and dream, Geth is one of the strongest and most respected beings, a powerful and wise lithen. At the conclusion of the Leven Thumps series, the realm of Foo has once again found balance dreams can thrive and grow. With things in order, Geth and Clover set off to find a new adventure that leads beyond the guarded border of Foo and into an unknown land where dreams have been trapped and freedom has been crushed.

Geth, always a defender of fate and truth, takes readers on a page-turning quest with many life lessons to be learned. What we want is often buried in what we fear. I’d like to imagine a world where there is nothing but happiness and purring, but I m not sure there’d be much to cheer about if every day was nothing but sunshine and success. I suppose you can never know the good if you ve never been visited by the bad.

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