Christmas Story Posts Starting Today

I’ll start posting the Christmas stories for this year’s contest in just a minute. I’ll post them two a day—in the order they were received—or more frequently as submissions increase. So far, I have 6 submissions but if this contest follows the course of the others, I’ll get more throughout the week. Keep them coming!

A few quick reminders:

DO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE CONTEST! There is still time for them to submit their stories—and we want lots of readers.

DON’T TELL PEOPLE WHICH STORY IS YOURS! We want the stories to win based on merit, not on personal popularity.

VOTING STARTS SEPTEMBER 26th. Feel free to leave comments any time, but comments made before 9/26 will not be part of the voting tally.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 24. That means you still have plenty of time to get your story in. See Submission Guidelines here.

Okay, here we go…

P.S. I’ve been re-sending the 2010 Christmas Story Evals, as requested. The Book of Mormon evals will have to wait because they’re on a computer that I won’t have access to until October 1st. Sorry.

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