Writing Short Stories (pt 1)

What makes a short story stand out to you? What must a short story have to be publishable?

The same thing as for any good writing—a strong character I can relate to, a plot of some sort, plus a twist. That twist is especially important for a short story—it’s that thing that makes you think, the idea you keep coming back to days or months after you’ve read it.

I found some sites that talk about writing short stories:

Is there a benefit to writing short stories if there isn’t much of a market?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to practice writing and to sharpen your skills. Even if you never sell your stories, it will help with your writing development. Here’s how:

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2 thoughts on “Writing Short Stories (pt 1)”

  1. Thanks for these excellent links! On one of them, I also found a link to a site about writer's block, which I personally found very helpful. 🙂

  2. I love writing (and reading) short stories! That's definitely how I learned the craft. Plus it was nice to get the satisfaction of finishing something so quickly.

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