Closing Circles by R.B. Scott

New York journalist Jedediah Pratt Russell is the victim of an inexplicable divorce. A loving father, a dutiful bread-winner, a sensitive lover—he thought he’d given Sarah everything. Jed finally abides Sarah’s insistence on psychiatric help, hoping it will mend whatever’s broken between them.

Instead, his experience with Dr. Irving “Quack Quack” Rosenbaum prompts Jed to seriously pursue the autobiographical novel that’s been gnawing at him for years, and through it to confront all the simmering issues that plague his life: his bond with his father-in-law Old ROT, a former OSS operative suffering from a mysterious disease; his record-setting missionary work and love-hate relationship with Church doctrine; a secret tryst with an old flame right up to her marriage to Jed’s distant cousin; his fascination with marriage and polygamy both in his ancestral line and the present.

With the confidence of Rebe, the “way, way too young” assistant to Quack Quack, Jed finds himself spinning toward the Mormon heritage he’d left behind decades ago, and into the heart of Utah, where the many open circles in Jed’s life converge in startling ways. Unabashed, heartfelt, and brutally open, Closing Circles is Jed’s exploration of obsessions, fantasies, family history, and Mormonism—an exploration that will make him reconsider everything he’s ever believed about marriage, divorce, faith, and himself.

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Title: Closing Circles: Trapped in the Everlasting Mormon Moment

Author: R.B. Scott

Publisher: Gray Dog Press

Release Date: January 19, 2012

ISBN: 978-1936178490

Size: 380 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: General

Author: LDS Publisher

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