Seven Splinters by L.N. Jennings

When eighteen-year-old Tuuli Jakobsson awakens into her true race, she discovers that her people face a second extinction.

The Realm Gate, once designed to protect her race from human destruction, has been choking their magic while the Viking Warlord, their race’s ancient enemy, savagely herds them to reap their dwindling powers.

With her race’s history fractioned between seven Lordship stones, can Tuuli solve the mysteries that surround the artifacts, bring the pieces together, and convince her mate to embrace his destiny before they’re destroyed?

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Title: Seven Splinters

Author: L.N. Jennings

Publisher: Self

Release Date: March 7, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-105-31201-4

Size: 425 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Author: LDS Publisher

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2 thoughts on “Seven Splinters by L.N. Jennings”

  1. I tend to read mostly historical fiction or mystery books, however, my wife picked up a copy of Seven Splinters and when I read the preface – I was hooked. L. N. Jennings did a masterful job at getting the reader to relate to the emotions of Tuuli as she comes to realize she is not like everyone else and is imbued with ancient powers related to her heritage. L. N. Jennings brings the reader along on a fascinating journey as Tuuli awakens to her true calling and as she meets dominating aggressive forces that attempt to control her and her quest. It is especially suited for teens and young adults who may identify with the emotions Tuuli experiences as she finds inner strength to face the pressures and challenges similar to those present in today’s society. This is one of those books that once you start you don’t want to put it down and if you do put it down, you are anxious to pick it back up because you have to know the outcome.
    I was surprised a 63 year-old geezer like me enjoyed reading Seven Splinters. I recommend this book to anyone with the desire for a clean and intriguing story set in modern times and places.

  2. I definitely identified with Tuuli, the main character of this book, as she struggled to accept herself and what she had become. I particularly enjoyed the relationship she had with her father, Sten. It sparked fond feelings I have for my own father that I had once forgotten. Overall, this book was a refreshingly clean read–there wasn’t a single cuss word!–and it was creative, and I liked how the author wove folklore and tid-bits of history into the story with modern twists. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good fantasy set in todays world.

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