Writing Prompt: Old Woman

We haven’t done a writing prompt here for a long time. As I’ve said before, I firmly believe that  writing well is a SKILL. Yes, some people are born with more innate talent than others, but anyone who wants to learn to write well can do so.

Like any other skill, writing takes PRACTICE. In my opinion, you should be writing something every day. It doesn’t have to be a novel and it doesn’t have to be good. Just write something. Minimum 250 words. Consider it practicing your scales.

So here’s a prompt that I did with a writing group several months ago. It was really fun to read the different variations, especially from those who picked the same photo.

Let’ start with old women. I love the faces of older women. I got these off the internet. (If you ever need an interesting face, visit www.harrycutting.com. Awesome!)


PROMPT: Pick one of the faces below. This is your main character. Write a short scene with them in it. Any genre goes.

Woman #1
Woman #2
Woman #3
Woman #4
Woman #5
Woman #6

Be brave. Post your writing on your blog & include the photo that inspired it. If you want, encourage your blog visitors to participate and link back here to this post.

Here’s the super challenge: If ten of you do it and post the link to your writing in the comments so we can go read it, I’ll post mine.

Ready, set, write!

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