More Photos from Past Storymaker Conferences…

Since the Storymakers Conference isn’t all about me, here are more photos from the past few conferences that I gleaned from the Interwebs.

Stolen from

 A nice writerly-looking man, Jaclyn M. Hawkes, Jessica Day George


Stolen from

A Nice Woman, James Dashner, Another Nice Woman


Stolen from

 David J West, Tamara Hart Heiner, Melissa J Cunningham, Mary Gray


Stolen from

Deirdra Eden Coppel and J Scott Savage (the author formerly known as Jeff)


Contributed by Jennie Hansen @

 Susan Law Corpany Curtis, Janette Rallison, Sarah M Eden


Stolen from

 Gregg Luke, James Dashner, Traci Hunter Abramson, Abel Keogh


Stolen from

David J West showing off his sword handling skillz


P.S. If you recognize some of the people I don’t, please post their names in the comments. Thanks.

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