Writing Prompt: Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is when an author writes about characters or settings from an existing work. Usually fan fiction takes the form of a short story, although some have been developed into books and movies. Creating fan fiction is a way to practice your skills as a writer without having to take the time to build an entirely new world or fully develop a character. (Just don’t try to publish it without permission from the original author/publisher.)

Consider the following ideas for stories:

  • What trouble could Luke Skywalker get into before the Imperial stormtroopers arrive and kill his aunt and uncle?
  • How did Zafrina become a vampire? And how does she feel about that?
  • We know about Rilla, but what about Diana Blythe, one of Anne Shirley’s twins? What was her life like? Did she find her one true love?

For today’s prompt, pick a character from an existing work and write a short scene or story about them.

If you participate, leave a comment and let us know how it went. If you’re really brave, post your writing on your blog and share your link with us. If you want, feel free to encourage your blog visitors to participate and link back here to this post.



Author: LDS Publisher

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