Does Anyone Recognize This Book?

In cleaning out my email inbox, I found this message from August. Sorry.

I am trying to remember the title of a book I read a few months ago. It’s driving me crazy. I know it’s LDS fiction so I’m hoping it rings a bell for you. It’s about a girl whose mother dies and she goes to live with cousins to regroup. She starts dating a guy not knowing he is a very famous, popular swimmer. She tutors his younger brother. They date and fall in love. She ends up getting assaulted and he misunderstands and thought she was kissing another guy. They end up getting back together when she calls him for help when she is having a migraine and she shows him the x-rays of her assault. Then he tries to win her back. That sounds really kind of silly reading it back, but I loved the book. Does it sound familiar at all to you?

I don’t recognize the storyline, but I thought one of  you might. Anyone know this book?

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