2012 Home Stretch: Is Your Book on My List?

Just a few more weeks left to 2012—and it’s time to double check and make sure I have your book on my list here at ldspublisher.com.

  • If you are a published author…
  • and you’re LDS…
  • and you had a novel published in 2012…

Then I want to make sure your book has a spotlight post here on this website.


Go check the sidebar under “2012 FICTION.” Yes, you’ll have to scroll down a bit. There are still a few titles that will be released between today and the end of this year. They won’t be on the list yet.  But with that exception, this listing is as complete as I can get it on my own.

Is your book listed there?


If not, click this link to see what I need to create your spotlight post.
(Or use the menu tabs: ABOUT > HOW-TO EXTRAS > LIST YOUR BOOK)

If your book is coming out in the next three weeks, send me an email about that too.
Just in case it’s not on my list already.

And send me an email if your book is coming out in the first quarter of 2013,
so I can get a jump-start on next year’s posts.

You can also send an email if there’s a typo, or your book’s link is broken.


And while you’re doing all that emailing, don’t forget to send in your Whitney Award nominations. The clock is ticking on that, as well.

Click to Nominate.



Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

7 thoughts on “2012 Home Stretch: Is Your Book on My List?”

  1. A couple of books I have read recently are not on the list and I wonder if they should be…
    Masquerade by Janette Rallison (Nov 2012)
    Dying to Run by Cami Checketts (Oct 2012)
    The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume by Lisa Rumsey Harris (Nov 2012)
    Sleeping Beauty by Jenni James (e-book available 2012, print book coming soon)

    Thank you for such an amazing site!

  2. Do you carry ‘Hearts of Courage’? Great true story of faith, courage and perseverance in an Alaska Aviation plane crash and survival adventure January/February, 1943. (LDS connection: Joseph Tippets, the principle character of the story was the first President of the Anchorage, Alaska branch).

    1. John, I don’t “carry” books, as in sell them. This is an informational site only, with links to online bookstores, like Amazon or Deseret Book. I will take a look at that book. If it’s fictionalized, I’ll list it. If it’s biographical, no.

  3. I am a published author of a auto/biography and wonder why you do not list non fiction. You could have a disclaimer for not agreeing necessarily with content. Or don’t you have enough room? My book is Bushfire Heartbreak and available at http://www.fortysouth.com.au

    1. Peggy, I stick to fiction because that is my area of interest. I spend hours a week just keeping up with fiction by LDS authors. If I added non-fiction, I’d have to quit my day job, which is what pays the bills and funds my time here.

      You—or anyone else for that matter—are free to do a non-fiction website.

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