Be My Friend?

Friends, some of you may know that I converted from a Facebook profile to a Facebook fan page a few months ago. My lovely assistant told me I should do that.

I didn’t realize (nor did she) that this step would not allow me to follow you on a news feed.  🙁

Please, if you were my Facebook friend before, come back and be my friend again. Even though I don’t comment much, I do enjoy seeing your writing news. Following you as a friend also helps me know when you have a new book out so I can add it to my site. I will try not to post too much crossover info between my profile and my page, so follow me in both places.

Also, I’m just a little bit challenged technically so please be patient if it seems to take a long time for me to respond to you on Facebook. I will try to respond to your messages, your friend requests, and any requests for me to like your fan page but it may not be immediate.

My new Facebook profile is here:

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3 thoughts on “Be My Friend?”

  1. I just sent you a friend request. I think you’re technically pretty good, the way you got me through that download!

    1. Thanks, Jane. I know lots of things that have to do with the technology of making a book or an ebook. Not so much when it comes to this facebooking thing.

      And I’m totally lost on twitter. It makes me dizzy.

    2. I try and try on twitter, I can’t stand it. I feel like I’m being taught to speak Chinese by someone who only speaks Russian.

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