2012 Historical Book Covers

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Historical is probably my least favorite category of covers. A lot of historical books seem to just throw on a period image and be done with it. They don’t add in anything to really capture the eye, to intrigue me. But maybe that’s just me. Historical fiction is not one of my favorite reading categories either. What do you think?
Publisher: Covenant
Cover Designer: ??
I like the collage feel to this cover—the flag, the compass, the map. The title font is a nice touch. And the author’s name looks cool. The series tag is sort of distracting to me but overall, not a bad look to the cover.
Publisher: Covenant
Cover Designer: ??
This cover got quite a few reader nominations. To me, it’s a modern woman in a period costume, with a farm. Nothing really grabs me. I do like that scroll. That’s kind of cool. Maybe someone who really likes the look of historical novels can chime in and tell me all the ways that I don’t know what I’m talking about…?
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Designer: Brain Halley
This cover I loved! I like the blue and the sun at the top, and the way it pops against the other colors. I like the carnival tent behind the title. I like the font used for the title and the way it curves. I like that yellow. I like the frilly dingbats above and below the title. The train image is less captivating for me, but it still works with that old-fashioned sepia tone. I like the simple clean lines of the author’s name. Great cover!
Publisher: Covenant
Cover Designer: ??
This is another cover that kept me looking because of one thing. His blue eye. Yep. It grabbed my attention and held onto it. Every time I walk past it in the bookstore, I have to look. I like the flowing script of the title font that is totally at odds with the the feel of the cover image. But then, that’s what espionage is all about: pretending to be something you’re not. Good job.
Publisher: Covenant
Cover Designer: ??
Again, a cover with lots of reader nominations—so obviously, I’m not getting this. It’s a period image of a boat. I do like that dingbat under the author’s name and the way it spreads over the width of the cover, drawing your eye down to the boat. That is a nice touch. And I like that frame for the title. And in the bookstore, the colors of the sky are really nice. Can’t quite get the full effect of them on the computer screen.

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