2012 Overall Best Book Cover

January 28, 2013

in 2012 Book Covers

I’ve tallied up the votes in the genre categories and the finalists for 2012 Overall Best Book Cover (in alphabetical order) are:



The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero by Matt Peterson
Children’s/Middle Grade Finalist


A reminder: Please do NOT vote for your favorite author or story. Vote for the book cover that is most appealing to your eye.

Vote using the blue box below.

Voting ends at midnight, January 30th. Overall winner will be announced on January 31st.

I have already selected my winners and they will be announced on the 31st as well. Yes, it is possible for the same cover to win both the LDS Publisher award and the Readers’ Choice award. Next week I will post commentary about why each cover was selected for the contest.

*Sorry for the lapse in ability to vote. I’ve created a new poll that I think will let more than 100 votes be collected. If you voted using the previous Survey Monkey link, please do not vote again. Those votes WILL be counted. You’re on the honor code to only vote one time.


Vote for your overall favorite 2012 Book Cover from these genre finalists.
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