2012 YA Speculative Covers: Character

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*Another category with too many choices, so I’m breaking it into two. These are covers that feature the character as the central design.

I went back and forth a million times in this category. I honestly, truly love every single one of these covers. I am intrigued by the faces, the expressions (or lack of them), the colors. And every single one of these made it on my “To Read” list simply because of their covers. Seriously.


Bonded by Michelle Davidson Argyle
Publisher: Rhemalda Publishing
Cover Designer: Melissa Williams

After much consideration (and actually, after picking another cover first, then changing my mind, then going back and forth between the two), this cover finally got my first choice vote. Everything about it captivated me. I love the image of the fairy girl, her pointy ears, the beauty of her skin, the coloring. She is exactly what I imagine a fairy or elf would look like. And I love the reflection in the water. It’s like peace and struggle, fantasy and reality all mixed in together, but separated by the title. I love the title font. It is just beautiful. That big B is gorgeous, but then all the other letters have little fairy lights around them. And I love that the author’s name is visible, but doesn’t distract at all from the image of the cover. Gorgeous! Rhemelda does a great job with their covers. Why did it finally move to 1st place and stay there? The mysteriousness of that reflection.


Demons by Heather Frost
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Designer: Erica Dixon

Oh, my! Those eyes! That face! Cover model crush! He is just so mysterious and frightening, but attractive at the same time. But the best thing about the cover? That the blue of his eyes is picked up in the description and the authors name, while the white of the title pops it to the forefront. I like that the font is so clean and simple. Great cover.


Desolate by Ali Cross
Publisher: Ninjas Write
Cover Designer: Dale Pease
Artist: Fanye L.O.

Desolate. Doesn’t that cover image absolutely convey that? The colors, the position of the character, the lonely swing, the stark water and landscape behind her. Even the red of the title adds to that lonely, lost melancholy. I love it! I also like the way the author’s name and the title of the book frame that central image. Great work.


The Shapeshifter’s Secret by Heather Ostler
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Designer: Rebecca J. Greenwood

This was the other cover that I went back and forth on. I love it! Look at her eyes, her face! Look at the way her hair wraps around her on one side, while light wraps her on the other side. Oh my gosh! I want to know what her secret is! I love the font used for the S, and the splash of red color outlined in white that makes it pop out. I like the filigree in the background. I even like the little blurb tucked in close by her neck. This is really an awesome cover! 


Witch Born by Amber Argyle
Publisher: Starling Books
Cover Designer: ??

I love this cover. I love the color of it. I think I like it even better than the cover to book 1, because that one was definitely an illustration while this one looks like a real person. I really like the butterflies all over the place and the way her hair is blowing—kind of like she’s caught up in a butterfly storm. I like the font choice or the title and the little stripe along the bottom with the series info. It’s noticeable but doesn’t detract at all.

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