The Hand of Glory by Stephen Carter

Thou shalt honor thy ancestors.
Unless they are trying to kill thee.

Moving to an old house in a tiny Wyoming town has made life miserable for 14-year-old Paul McCallister. The ancient toilet doesn’t work, two school bullies have singled him out as prey, and, worst of all, his mom has disappeared. The only thing that keeps Paul sane is the friendship of his Uncle Doc who, when not tending his gigantic junk shop, snoops around in their family’s strange past.

And in that past lurks a mystery: A vanished woman. A pool of blood. An old house that won’t stay quiet. As Paul comes closer to solving that mystery, a dark presence begins to haunt him. Paul will soon discover how long hatred burns, how deep blood runs, and what he’s willing to sacrifice for family.

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Title: The Hand of Glory (Harrowed Valley Hauntings, Book 1)

Author: Stephen Carter

Publisher: Leicester Bay Books

Release Date: March 8, 2013

ISBN: 1482021625

Size: 210 pages, 5.25 x 8, softcover

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Suspense

Author: LDS Publisher

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