House of Diamonds by Karen Jones Gowen

November 30, 2011

Title: House of DiamondsAuthor: Karen Jones Gowen Publisher: WiDo Publishing Release Date: November 22, 2011 ISBN: 978-0979607097 Size: 235 pages, 5×8, paperback Genre: General Series: Uncut Diamonds (bk 1) Read excerptView trailer In this sequel to Gowen’s debut novel, Uncut Diamonds, she follows sisters Cindy and Marcie as they reach a crossroads in their lives. […]

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Paint Me True by E.M. Tippetts

November 15, 2011

Title: Paint Me True Author: E.M. Tippetts Publisher: Self Release Date: November 7, 2011 ISBN: Size: ebook only (for now) Genre: LDS Women’s Fiction Read excerpt Eliza Dunmar is about to turn thirty-one and fears her best days are behind her. Her career as a painter is no longer considered cool, and she feels too […]

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Nourish & Strengthen by Maria Hoagland

November 14, 2011

Title: Nourish & Strengthen Author: Maria Hoagland Publisher: Sisters Ink Publishing Release Date: November 1, 2011 ISBN: 978-0615535616 Size: 247 pages, 6×9, paperback Genre: General Read excerpt Chloe Taylor has the perfect life: a model’s figure, a husband who adores her, three healthy children. So why does she feel so much less than perfect? After […]

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Lost December by Richard Paul Evans

November 12, 2011

Title: Lost December Author: Richard Paul Evans Publisher: Simon & Schuster Release Date: November 1, 2011 ISBN: 978-1451628005 Size: 368 pages, 5×7, hardcover Genre: General/Christmas Read excerpt “It has been said that sometimes the greatest hope in our lives is just a second chance to do what we should have done right in the first […]

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The Scholar of Moab by Steven L. Peck

November 7, 2011

Title: The Scholar of Moab Author: Steven L. Peck Publisher: Torrey House Press, LLC Release Date: November 8, 2011 ISBN: 978-1937226022 Size: 300 pages, 5×8, paperback Genre: General? Speculative? Not sure. Caution: This book may contain objectionable content. What happens when a two-headed cowboy, a high school dropout who longs to be a scholar, and […]

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The Death of a Disco Dancer by David Clark

November 4, 2011

Title: The Death of a Disco Dancer Author: David Clark Publisher: Zarahemla Books Release Date: October 21, 2011 ISBN: 978-0984360338 Size: 336 pages, 5.5×8.5, paperback Genre: General One night, eleven-year-old Todd Whitman receives a terrifying but hilarious midnight visitor: his cockatoo-plumed, dementia-stricken, John Travolta-smitten Grandma Carter. In constant nocturnal search of the mysterious “Dancer,” Grandma […]

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Called To Serve Again by Jeffrey Olsen

November 3, 2011

Title: Called To Serve Again Author: Jeffrey Olsen Publisher: CreateSpace Release Date: November 1, 2011 ISBN: 978-0-61555-557-7 Size: 243 pages, 6×9, paperback Genre: General Called To Serve Again tells the story of Bill Hughes, a recent college graduate who has everything going for him: a new job, two beautiful daughters, and a loving wife. However, […]

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The Snow Angel by Glenn Beck

October 27, 2011

Title: The Snow Angel Author: Glenn Beck Publisher: Threshold Editions Release Date: October 25, 2011 ISBN: 978-1439187203 Size: 288 pages, 5×7, hardcover Genre: General, Christmas Read excerpt The woman in the picture was so young she looked like a child. Her hair was loose, eyes wide, blue T-shirt stark against the pale lines of arching […]

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Jacob T. Marley by R. William Bennett

October 20, 2011

Title: Jacob T. Marley Author: R. William Bennett Publisher: Shadow Mountain Release Date: October 12, 2011 ISBN: 978-1590383513 Size: 192 pages, 5×7, hardcover Genre: General, Christmas Read excerptView trailer Marley was dead to begin with . . . These chillingly familiar words begin the classic Christmas tale of remorse and redemption in A Christmas Carol […]

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The Shaken Earth by Toni Sorenson

October 10, 2011

Title: The Shaken Earth Author: Toni Sorenson Publisher: Covenant Release Date: October 10, 2011 ISBN: 978-1608612796 Size: 368 pages, 6×9, paperback Genre: General Fragile, twelve-year-old Yolisha is afraid thinking about her first ride on a brightly painted tap-tap. The city is much farther than she has ever been from her small village of Makak, but […]

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The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright

September 29, 2011

Title: The Wedding LettersAuthor: Jason F. Wright Publisher: Shadow Mountain Release Date: September 27, 2011 ISBN: 978-1609080570 Size: 320 pages, 6×9, hardcover Genre: General Series: The Wednesday Letters Read excerpt From New York Times bestselling author of The Wednesday Letters comes the completion of one family’s journey to survive their past and forge their own […]

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Carving Angels by Diane Stringham Tolley

September 17, 2011

Title: Carving Angels Author: Diane Stringam Tolley Publisher: Cedar Fort Release Date: September 8, 2011 ISBN: 978-1599559445 Size: 128 pages, hardcover Genre: Christmas Read excerpt Papa Adam, the North Pole’s oldest elf and Santa’s former chief carver, has given up. Blind, frail, and useless, he counts the minutes in every day as he waits to […]

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Keepers of Blackbird Hill by Lael Littke

September 13, 2011

Title: Keepers of Blackbird Hill Author: Lael Littke Publisher: Shadow Mountain Release Date: September 2011 ISBN: 978-1609087449 Size: 288 pages, 6×9, paperback Genre: General Read excerpt After sixteen years in Hollywood, Jayda returns to Blackbird Hill determined to save her childhood home and protect her inheritance of the family property. Orphaned as a young girl, […]

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A Lost Argument by Therese Doucet

September 2, 2011

Title: A Lost Argument: A Latter-Day Novel Author: Therese Doucet Publisher: Strange Violin Editions Release Date: September 3, 2011 ISBN: 978-0983748410(e-book ISBN: 978-0-983-74840-3) Size: 260 pages, 6×9, paperback Genre: Literary Fiction Read excerpt Caution: This book contains mature content. A young Mormon woman in college in the early 1990s falls in love with philosophy by […]

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