Off to the Convention!

August 5, 2009

The LDSBA starts today! Yay! I’m off to discover some treasures. I will try to post photos Friday and Saturday so as not to interfere with the Christmas story contest which will start posting on Monday. (Didn’t plan that very well, did I?) If you are at the convention and you take photos, please send […]

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LDSBA Less Than Two Weeks Away

July 27, 2009

The annual LDS Booksellers Association Convention is coming up very soon. Booth set-up starts on Monday, August 3rd, as well as Booksellers University, which is a training meeting for retailers. The actual convention goes Wednesday through Friday, August 5-7th. And yes, I’ll be there. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so busy not posting […]

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More LDSBA Pics

August 18, 2008

These photos are compliments of Traci Abramson, author of The Deep End (a 2007 Whitney finalist), Freefall (released in February 2008), and Royal Target (to be released in October; currently available for pre-order at Deseret Book). Traci (center) with Kat Gille (my awesome editor) andRachel Langlois (marketing/public relations w/ Covenant) Traci (left), David G. Wooley […]

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LDSBA—Doo Dahs

August 15, 2008

Okay, so the official industry lingo calls these “sidelines” but I think doo-dah is so much more descriptive. Each year as I walk the aisles of the LDS BOOKsellers Association Convention, I’m surprise at how the books have dwindled and the sidelines have increased. It’s a sign of the times. We’re becoming a nation of […]

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LDSBA—Small Independent Publishers

August 14, 2008

Here are some of the small independent publishers at the convention. There were most likely some that I missed. If your company/publisher was at the convention but is not featured here, please send photo and info. Archive Publishers This company does not accept manuscripts for publication.They specialize in reprinting rare and out of print LDS […]

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LDSBA Convention

August 13, 2008

Cedar Fort Cedar Fort publishes doctrinal books, scriptural commentaries,self-help, cookbooks, and some LDS fiction. CFI includes the imprintsBonneville Books, which publishes LDS fiction; Horizon Publishers, which publishes all genres, and some LDS doctrinal titles; Council Press, publishing historical fiction and nonfiction; and Sweetwater Books, which targets the national market.They also own Pioneer Plus, which does […]

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LDSBA Convention

August 12, 2008

Covenant Another of the big super publishers. This is their wall of new releases. And thanks to uber-stalker, Sandra, here’s a photoof herself with David Woolley, who did book signingsof volume 4 in his Book of Mormon fiction series.

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2008 LDS Booksellers Convention

August 11, 2008

I’ll be posting photos from the convention this week. If you attended and would like to send me your photos and/or comments about the convention, please feel free to do so. The convention was interesting this year. Smaller than previous years. There were about equal numbers of vendors and bookstore buyers represented. I have some […]

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LDSBA Photos Compliments of Annette Lyon

August 29, 2007

Whitney Awards booth The actual Whitney Award. Classy. Annette Lyon at her book signing in the Covenant booth. The Covenant banner for Annette’s book.

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A Few More Photos

August 27, 2007

Sounds of Zion Brigham Distributing RingMasters Altus Fine Art

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LDSBA 2007 Photos

August 24, 2007

As promised, here are some LDSBA photos. I intended to get a lot more, but I got distracted and only have a few. So if you want to send me some, I’ll post them. (All you authors who did signings, send a photo!) Deseret Book Covenant Cedar Fort Granite Spring Creek Millennial Press Wind River […]

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August 13, 2007

Just a bit of this and that. Keith/Attending LDSBA: Usually, individuals cannot come to the LDSBA convention. Some publishers schedule book signings during the convention and provide name badges for the authors, but usually only those who have a new book the publisher wants to promote. You can purchase a name badge at the door […]

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LDSBA Convention

August 6, 2007

This is “heck” week for most LDS publishers. Next week is the annual convention of the LDS Booksellers Association. We’re putting the finishing touches on our displays and marketing materials. The convention starts next week. Tuesday we set up our booths, then the convention itself runs next Wednesday through Friday (Aug 15-17th). This year the […]

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The Whitney Awards

June 18, 2007

I’ve already seen info about the Whitney Awards on several blogs. I cannot express what a fantabulous idea I think this is. Spread the word. Tell every LDS author you know about it. Here is a link to the press release. Odds & Ends:LDSBA: On another note, we’re moving into the home stretch for the […]

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