The Practical Side of Submitting

November 3, 2008

I have several books sketched out in my little thought notebook, but I also have one that is 90% completed. This book is written with the chapters based around a gospel topic. I use my life’s experiences in [a specific activity] with doctrine to help teach about the principle. I have had a few friends […]

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Yearly Submissions Tally

April 23, 2008

How many fiction submissions do you receive each month/year at your company? How many non-fiction submissions do you receive each month/year at your company? I don’t really want to say how many my company gets because that could out my secret identity. But I can give you a range—a very small LDS Publisher might get […]

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Storymakers: Two Panels

April 10, 2008

Notes from the 2008 LDStorymakers Conference Workshop: Publishers PanelPresenter: Chris Bigelow, Zarahemla; Lisa Mangum, Deseret Book; Kammi Rencher, Cedar Fort; Kirk Shaw, CovenantSubmitted by: Shy Submitter The panel began with each publisher telling us what they were looking for.Chris/Zarahemla: provocative, unconventional stories that are ultimately faith confirming.Lisa/Deseret Book: YA, historical with or without romance, beginner […]

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Storymakers: Lisa Mangum, Deseret Book Editor

April 8, 2008

Notes from the 2008 LDStorymakers Conference Workshop: Making the LeapPresenter: Lisa Mangum, Workshop on FridaySubmitted by: Shy Submitter Five things you can’t control:1. It’s a business. We look for what’s going to make money. Buying a book in the store is an emotional decision. Buying a manuscript to publish is a business decision. 2. Number […]

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Storymakers: Kirk Shaw, Covenant Editor

April 3, 2008

Notes from the 2008 LDStorymakers Conference Workshop: Ten Ways to Get Your Story NoticedPresenter: Kirk Shaw, Workshop on FridaySubmitted by: Karlene Browning (I have 10 things on my list but they don’t match up well with the 10 things in the syllabus, so if someone else wants to add to this list, please feel free […]

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How Long is Too Long?

March 25, 2008

This question was taken from a recent comment on a post from last year. (Thanks for reading through the archives.) I’ve been working on a book for 2 years now, and am thinking I’m getting close to submitting a first draft to a publisher. After reading this, and all the comments, I’m now thinking I […]

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Font Choice

March 7, 2008

I’ve been looking at publishers’ websites and noticed that some publishers like their submissions in Times New Roman and some of them like Courier. Is there a reason why they prefer these different fonts, or is it just a personal thing from publisher to publisher? One reason is that all computers (PC and Mac) have […]

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Branded for Life?

March 6, 2008

So if you take notes on submissions received and say I sent something to you when I first started writing and you put in your notes, “Writing needs work (or it sucks) or whatever” Does that mean I’m branded for life with that publisher? I think they would still look at the work but would […]

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Rejection Etiquette

March 5, 2008

I have a burning question that I would be most grateful if you would help me with. I recently received a polite rejection letter, in which I was told in sum: “We are very selective, your submission came close but not close enough, feel free to keep us in mind with future projects.” I originally […]

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Electronic Submissions

February 28, 2008

I notice that more and more publishers are starting to accept electronic submissions from new authors. Do you think the days of paper and postage will soon be a thing of the past? Maybe. I personally think all queries should be done electronically. Saves time, money and desk space. Full manuscripts are a different story. […]

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Basic Submission Package

February 27, 2008

If the guidelines don’t specify what’s expected in a submission package, what is the norm? This is what I like to see and it would probably satisfy most publishers who don’t specify what they want. Query letter—1 page Outline/synopsis—a chapter by chapter breakdown of the basic plot line; 2 to 3 sentences per chapter. And […]

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A Few Submission Guideline Links

October 10, 2007

I keep hearing about checking the publishers’ websites for submission guidelines. I’m not that computer savvy. I went to a couple of sites and I can’t find it. Help! I’m in a good mood, so here you go. If your publishing company is not on this list and you want it added, put your info […]

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I’m Not Testy; I Have a Positive Self Image

August 3, 2007

Found in the comments section of yesterday’s post. I moved it here because a lot of people do not read comments and he has a legit concern, complaint. A lot of first time authors ask these kinds of questions. (Although most of them do not call me “testy” or refer to my treatment of their […]

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10 More Things Not to Do When You Submit a Manuscript

August 2, 2007

Here’s another list of things not to do when you send your manuscript (based on true-life examples from manuscripts that I have received in the past 30 days): 1. Do not single space. I know I’ve said this before, but apparently I have not stressed it enough. I CANNOT read, let alone edit, a manuscript […]

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